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Gastroenterology Summit 2023 Gerçekleştirildi


Türk Gastroenteroloji Derneği tarafından düzenlenen Uluslararası Gastroenteroloji Zirvesi 2023, 26 – 27 Mayıs 2023 tarihlerinde  Antalya’da geniş katılımla hibrid olarak gerçekleştirildi.


GASTROENTEROLOGY SUMMIT 2023, Antalya – A review from Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Adeel Rahat

The Gastroenterology Summit 2023, organized by the  Turkish Society of Gastroenterology, was held on 26th – 27thth May, 2023 at the Convention Centre, Rixos Sungate Hotel, Antalya, Turkey. It was the first time that such a large scale hybrid Gastroenterology Conference took place at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, inviting experts from the fields of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Surgery and other related disciplines under one roof.

Antalya is a modernized city with a well preserved cultural heritage, and the sun drenched beaches on the turquoise Mediterranean Sea are a sight to behold. The inaugural ceremony was chaired by the respectable Professor Dr Serhat Bor, President of Congress and Professor Dr Dilek Oğuz, President of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology followed by the scientific programme which included sessions on Functional Gastrointestinal diseases addressing both upper and lower GI disorders with talks delivered by some of the global experts of the field like Professor Dr Shahab Abid from Pakistan, Dr Altay Çelebi , Dr Hale Akpınar, Bülent Değertekin and Dr  Filiz Akyüz from Turkey and Dr Mohamed Alboraie from Egypt. Later on, a satellite symposium was organised by Abbott pharmaceuticals, followed by a very comprehensive talk by Prof Serat Bor on Functional GI disorders. Post lunch sessions included talks on Brain to Gut axis and Pancreatic disorders by Dr İsmail Hakkı Kalkan and Dr Murat Saruc. State of the Art Lecture on Pancreatic Surgery In Pancreatic Cancer was delivered by the well renowned Pancreatic Surgeon Prof Dr Güralp Onur Ceyhan.

The second day of the scientific programme included both informative and interactive sessions covering the advancements in the fields of Hepatobiliary disorders. State of the Art Lecture on ‘What’s new in the Pancreas’ was delivery by Professor Dr Matthias Lohr, who is the Vice President of United European Gastroenterology (UEG). A highly anticipated, interactive session included rare, real life case scenarios where presenters and discussants from all around the globe discussed rare and challenging medical cases and their management. These sessions were attended by a large number of physicians and medical students, both in person and virtually as well.

Eminent Gastroenterologists, Transplant Hepatologists, Physicians and Surgeons from around the globe participated in this state-of-the-art scientific program, sharing their valuable knowledge, views and experience with the audience. In a nutshell, an unprecedented learning opportunity was provided to the attendees by the exceptional international and regional faculty members providing the physicians an opportunity to get first-hand insight about the advancements in the fields of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. In the end, I would like to express my gratitude towards the Turkish Society of Gastroenterology specially Professor Dr Serhat Bor and Professor Dr Dilek Oğuz, for inviting me as a discussant and a moderator and providing me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this well organized and magnificent academic event where physicians from all around the globe connected well with each other, and would love to be a part of such amazing academic events in future as well.

Dr Muhammad Adeel Rahat
Assistant Professor, Gastroenterology and Hepatology,
United Medical and Dental College, Karachi, Pakistan.

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